5 Reasons Why English Language Immersion Works

There is no faster way to improve your English than with a full immersion home tuition course. Here’s five (of many!) reasons why it’s so effective…

  1. Focus: with a 100% personalised, one-to-one study programme and your own personal tutor, you study just what you need – not you and 15 other students. No time is wasted studying things you don’t need to study.
  2. Attention: is there a particular area of English which you just ‘don’t get’? Take all the time you need to get it right. Your personal host tutor will give you their entire attention, whenever you require it.
  3. Context: it’s easy to be fluent in a foreign language in the controlled environment of aclassroom. Our home tuition immersion courses take you out into the world, exposing you to English as it’s really used.
  4. Culture: living with a British or Irish family gives you a cultural immersion as well as a language immersion.
  5. All day, every day: outside lessons, you still learn 24/7 – during meals, excursions, activities and family time, you continue to develop your vocabulary, refine your grammar and grow in speaking confidence.

It’s that simple – if you need to learn English fast, a home tuition immersion programme is the choice for you. See which of our courses would suit you best:

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Medical English(Opens in a new browser tab)

English for Commercial Law(Opens in a new browser tab)

School English Exam Courses(Opens in a new browser tab)

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