Our Partnership with RefuAid: Providing a Helping Hand to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

For many refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, obtaining a recognised English language qualification is vital - particularly if they want to undergo professional registration as a doctor or nurse, or to undertake further study.

RefuAid is a charity dedicated to helping refugees and asylum seekers with these specific language education needs.

And we are proud to support their work by providing personalised IELTS and OET training though our dedicated network of language tutors.

Both face-to-face and online, our 1:1 sessions help students to achieve the IELTS and OET grades they need for their future lives in the UK. Each participant receives at least 20 hours' dedicated support from a qualified and experienced InTuition tutor.

RefuAid's Language: A Gateway programme has more information about their vital work with partner schools across the country.