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  • 30 Years of Experience
    Tens of thousands of bespoke language courses successfully designed and delivered
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30+ Years of Experience

Tens of thousands of bespoke language courses successfully designed and delivered
InCover™ Included

Comprehensive protection for hosts and students. Always included and always free.
Fully Accredited Courses

For assured quality and peace of mind


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Discover Swedish Homestay Immersion at InTuition Languages

Dive Deep into Swedish with Our Intensive Homestay Programs

Experience the ultimate language learning adventure with InTuition Languages’ Swedish homestay immersion courses. Our intensive Swedish courses are perfect for learners who want to improve quickly. You'll have the chance to immerse yourself in a Swedish-speaking environment while you learn.

Why Choose Our Intensive Swedish Homestay Courses?

  • Total Immersion: Live with a host family and practice Swedish daily in real-life situations.
  • Tailored Intensive Swedish Language Courses: Personalized lessons based on your current level and learning goals.
  • Experienced Tutors: Benefit from one-on-one instruction with expert Swedish teachers.
  • Cultural Exposure: Immerse yourself in Swedish culture, cuisine, and traditions for a holistic learning experience.

Our Intensive Swedish Courses

  • Intensive Swedish Course: Accelerate your learning with an immersive program designed to develop your language skills quickly and effectively.
  • Intensive Swedish Language Courses: Our comprehensive curriculum covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing, ensuring you become a confident Swedish speaker.
  • Intensive Swedish Classes: Enjoy focused and personalized lessons that adapt to your pace and progress.

Benefits of Learning Swedish with Us

  • Fast Progress: The immersive environment ensures you practice Swedish speaking daily, enhancing retention and fluency.
  • Cultural Understanding: Living with a Swedish-speaking family provides deep cultural insights and practical language use.
  • Flexible Durations: Choose from short-term intensive courses to longer immersion stays, fitting your schedule and learning needs.
  • Authentic Experiences: Participate in local activities and excursions to practice Swedish in diverse, real-world contexts.

Learn Swedish the Immersive Way

Join our intensive Swedish classes and experience the power of immersion. Our programs cater to all levels, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve your skills.

  • Customized Learning Plans: Receive a personalized study plan tailored to your specific language goals.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic lessons that include conversation practice, grammar, and vocab building.
  • Supportive Environment: Enjoy the support of a dedicated tutor and a welcoming host family throughout your stay.

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This is the ideal way to make rapid progress in Swedish, relaxing in the home of a Swedish tutor and their family.

Your Swedish in a Teacher’s home course is designed for you, at your level and delivered to your needs. You will be impressed at just how quickly your confidence grows as your Swedish improves: one-to-one home tuition with homestay in your teacher’s house, is the most effective way to develop language skills in a short period of time.

You can choose to have 15, 20, or 25 lessons per week with your own private host teacher (each lesson lasts 60 minutes). Excursions are also included.

Who is it for?

Swedish language learners who have the basics and want to make progress, as well as more advanced students who want to work on colloquial language and pronunciation.

Don’t worry too much about your level as on your first day, your tutor will assess your level of grammar listening comprehension and oral fluency and design a course according to your objectives. Out of lessons, you will have the opportunity to practise what you have learnt. So it is ideal for motivated learners who want to get the most out of living and being immersed in a Swedish speaking environment.

Key Facts

  • One-to-one lessons from an experienced and qualified Swedish tutor
  • A course delivered just for your needs and interests
  • Outside formal lessons, social excursions and activities help to develop your real language skills
  • Cultural immersion to help you understand the language more
  • Choose your starting dates – every Sunday, all year round

Course Content

Select 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week. In addition, you would normally be given between one and two hours' work to prepare for the next day's lessons. Each lesson is 60 minutes.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in languages, so everyone’s level is slightly different. Your courses will cover the core skills: speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing.

Sample Course Timetable

Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday Arrival Arrival and settling in Dinner and meeting the family
Monday Needs analysis & course design. Swedish grammar review Discover the local area Traditional supper. Presentation preparation
Tuesday Presentation delivery. Pronunciation & fluency focus Diary writing & punctuation. Free time in the local area Dinner & relax with family. Visit to the local Café
Wednesday Grammar & vocabulary review. Improving French writing skills Excursion with your tutor: visit to the coast Dinner & relax with the family. Presentation preparation
Thursday Presentation delivery. Focus on discourse markers Focus on grammar & accuracy. Free time in the local area Dinner & film night with the family. Diary writing
Friday Grammar & vocabulary review. Improving listening skills Excursion with your tutor. Dinner & relax with the family. Evening walk
Saturday Excursion with your tutor: city visit & shopping Excursion with your tutor: city visit & shopping Dinner & relax with the family. Diary writing

Course Features

  • You progress more when in your are in a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere.
  • Quality homestay accommodation with private study bedroom.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Choose 3, 4 or 5 lessons of one-to-one Swedish per day.
  • Choose your starting dates – every Sunday throughout the year.
  • If you have a friend or a colleague whose standard of Swedish and needs are similar to your own, two students can share the lessons for a considerably reduced cost.


Check out our Active Tutor Map for all Swedish teacher locations.

Swedish Courses Include:

  • Diagnostic assessment on the first day of your course
  • Personalised materials, selected by the host tutor for each course
  • Two afternoon activities per week
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • 24-hour student helpline
Course Prices

Contact our MFL Programme manager, Cyrielle, to discuss your course requirements in detail.

Tel: +44 207 739 4411

WhatsApp: +33 62 61 60 70 4

Email: cyrielle@intuitionlang.com

InTuition Languages
Based on 86 reviews
Our second year with InTuition, and I can only offer words of praise. We were blessed in both occasions with great locations and tutors. InTuition is definitely an experienced and very reliable company. I highly recommend them.
Great experience, welcoming and professional tutor! Definitely recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you Arianna, we're delighted that you enjoyed your course!
Great !
Response from the owner: Thank you Nicolas!
The week went very well. The pace of work is perfect. Marc is a very attentive host and teacher. To recommend without problem.
Response from the owner: Thank you Arnaud, we are delighted that you enjoyed your homestay language immersion course with our tutor Marc in London.
It was a wonderful experience. I was very well received and learned a lot.I really enjoyed the experience and I intend to repeat it in another linguagem
Response from the owner: Thank you very much, Silmary. We look forward to welcoming you again in the future!
I spent a week with Mary and Ken. I really appreciate their kindness and patience. In addition to the English lessons that I had with Mary, I learned a lot about the culture, history and way of life of the British people. It was a week full of learning. Thanks to Mary and Ken. 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you very much, Shabnam. We are delighted that you enjoyed your course with Mary and Ken!
Wonderful team and wonderful teachers!
Une semaine en immersion en Irlande qui restera une expérience inoubliable.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted that you enjoyed your English immersion course in Ireland.
- que mon professeur m'ait accompagnée aux activités tous les après-midis- les cadeaux qu'elle m'a offerts avant mon retour sur Paris- l'en-cas qu'elle a préparé pour mon déjeuner du samedi (jour de mon départ).Je recommande vivement les immersions à Londres d' Intuition Languages!
Response from the owner: Thank you Karine, we are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your InTuition homestay immersion course in Edinburgh.

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