Young Learner Student Pack: MFL Courses

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Before your course


Your course fee includes specialist travel and course cancellation insurance. Full details are provided in your Confirmation Documents PDF.


If you have arranged a transfer on arrival, we will arrange for your host tutor, a member of his / her family, or a taxi to meet you.

  • The driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall, holding a sign saying InTuition Languages and your name.
  • For your security, please check that (s)he has your name and accommodation address details.
  • If you do not see your driver as you exit, please go to the Information Desk and wait.
  • Listen carefully for any announcement calling your name.
  • You can contact your driver using the number provided in your transfer confirmation documents.
  • If your driver does not arrive within 15 minutes, please call the InTuition Languages emergency number which is listed in your confirmation documents.
  • Do not take another taxi as we will be unable to refund the cost.

     If your travel arrangements change at the last minute (for example if you miss your flight or train), please contact us on the emergency number.

    Please make sure your host tutor has your mobile number before you begin your journey.

    Pre-arrival checklist 

    • Verify your identity using the link(s) sent to you in your Confirmation Documents (if applicable).
    • Contact your tutor to introduce yourself arrange a convenient time for your Meet Your Tutor session.
    • Complete the Pre-Course Planner at least one week before your course starts. See your Confirmation Letter for more details.
    • Contact your host tutor to arrange a convenient time for your 30-minute Meet Your Tutor session.
    • Complete the Travel Details form to ensure your tutor knows when you will be arriving.
    • If they have not already done so, you must ask your parent / guardian to complete a Parental Consent Form for your stay

    Remember to bring:

    • Your Confirmation Documents.
    • EHIC card (if applicable)
    • Plug adapter for electronic devices
    • Clothing suitable for the season
    • Spending money (we recommend approximately £150 / €200 / $250 per week to cover the cost of excursions, shopping and socialising)
    • Your teacher will have materials and resources to teach you. You might like to bring a dictionary and a notepad for homework. Please bring your laptop/ tablet or iPad if you wish to access the internet.

    Level Assessment

    French students should take our comprehensive Test de niveau francais at least one week before their course starts. The result is sent automatically to the tutor.

    Pre-Course Planner 

    You can access your pre-course planner using the link provided in your Confirmation Documents or by visiting Please provide as much information as possible, to help your host tutor begin planning your course.

    During your course

    What’s included on your InTuition Languages course

    • Your course fee includes all your meals, tuition and your three accompanied activities per week, with an additional excursion at the weekend for courses longer than one week in duration. If you have a particular excursion or activity which you would like to do, please let us or your host tutor know in advance of your arrival, as there may be an additional charge.
    • Your course fee also includes all study materials.

    What to expect after you arrive

    • Before you arrive, your host tutor will have prepared an outline plan of study based on the information you provide in your Pre-Course Planner and your Meet Your Tutor session. During your first lesson, they will discuss this plan with you and make any adjustments according to your requirements. they will also discuss the weekly lesson schedule with you.
    • Your host tutor and family are looking forward to your visit. They will want you to feel at home from the moment you arrive and will treat you as a member of the family. When you arrive, your host tutor will discuss the family’s daily routine and ‘house rules’ with you. You are expected to follow the customs and schedule of your host family – they will let you know about mealtimes, weekly commitments and expectations of behaviour while you are staying in their home.
    • Remember to speak only in the language of study all the time, so that you are totally immersed in the language and culture. This way you will improve much faster.
    • It is your responsibility to keep your own bedroom and communal living spaces clean and tidy. Host families will provide a laundry service once a week.
    • All host families provide Wi-Fi internet for students’ use.
    • Some families will provide a house key, but this depends on each family’s house rules.
    • If there is anything you don’t understand or something you need, ask your host family. They will be very happy to help and want you to be comfortable at all times. We are always available to help with any questions, too.
    • Host tutors will always go out of their way to be with students in their free time or to give them opportunities for activities, to keep them happy and interested. The family will discuss possible activities and things which you may want to do once you arrive at their home.
    • A key benefit of an InTuition Languages course is that the student participates in the life of their host tutor and family after class. This means that you should not expect that every minute of the week will be pre-planned before the course. Playing a part in family life will include everyday activities, such as going shopping together, visiting friends or going on an outing. Each family is different and will offer different things.
    • There may be times you need to be independent as your host is also often the cook, house cleaner and shopper for the family, too! This time can be used for independent study and to do homework, which is an important part of the course.
    • Host tutors allow unaccompanied free time (where students are permitted outside the family home, unaccompanied, within set areas) according to their house rules. It is important that you respect any curfew and mealtimes if independent free time is permitted. If you are under 16 years old and your parent / guardian has not said that they are happy with you having independent free time on the Parental Consent Form, no unaccompanied free time will be allowed. If you are under 14 years old, unaccompanied free time is not allowed as standard.

    Student Code of Conduct

    To ensure that your course passes in the most enjoyable and productive way, we ask that you respect our Code of Conduct throughout your stay.

    • Take responsibility for your learning, motivation, security and safety
    • Show respect for your host tutor and their professional opinions
    • Recognise and keep to the house rules your host tutor sets
    • Appreciate the culture of the country you are staying in
    • Stick to agreed timings for lessons and excursions – don’t be late
    • Complete any homework that your host tutor may set for you
    • Speak to your host tutor or our head office team if you are in any way uncomfortable or unhappy
    • Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Any behaviour which is considered discriminatory on any grounds can result in your course being terminated and you being asked to return home.

    Repeated breaches of any part of the Code of Conduct may result in students being asked to leave their course and return home early.

    Staying in touch

    We recommend that parents communicate with their child via Skype or Zoom at set times, ideally early evening (mobile phones must be switched off during lessons!) We also recommend that students bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone for this purpose.

    If you have a problem… 

    • A member of our team will telephone you at your host family’s home during the first few days of your course. Your host tutor will leave you in privacy, so that you can discuss any concerns or issues you may have with us directly.
    • If you are unhappy about anything, please discuss it first with your host tutor - they will be very sympathetic. If this is difficult, please call our office or our 24-hour emergency number (+44 207 033 2390). We are here to help.
    • If an issue can’t be solved, we are able to move you to a new host tutor, quickly and discreetly. During your course, you are welcome to discuss any issues with InTuition Languages directly. Unfortunately, we cannot process complaints after a course has finished, if the problem was not mentioned to us during the course itself. See our Complaints Procedure at for more information.
    • Alexa Randell is our Designated Safeguarding Lead. If you are uncomfortable about something which has happened (been said or done) during your course, she is trained to deal with matters quickly, efficiently and discreetly. Call her on +44 7546 309501 at any time or email

    Useful information

    We aim to provide a first-class service to all of our students. Please feel free to call us should you need any information or guidance that your host tutor cannot assist you with.

    Telephone Numbers






    Country code





    Emergency Services











    IDP not required for visits under 12 months

    IDP not required for visits under 12 months

    IDP not required for visits under 6 months

    Visitors from outside the EEA / Switzerland/ UK require an IDP

    Alcohol and Tobacco 







    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 16

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 16

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 16

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 18


    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 18

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 18

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 18

    Minimum age for purchase and consumption: 18


    Prohibited indoors in public places

    Prohibited indoors in public places

    Prohibited indoors in public places

    Prohibited indoors in public places

    Your host tutor will not purchase alcohol or tobacco for you, or offer it to you, throughout your course.


    Visitors to Spain, France, Germany and Italy from elsewhere in the EEA / UK / Switzerland are covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) scheme. This covers the cost of emergency treatment in hospitals and clinics.

    Visitors from other countries are not entitled to free healthcare, including in emergencies.


    The standard electrical voltage in Spain, France, Germany and Italy is 220 v A/C, 50HZ. A type C adapter plug and / or electric converter for appliances is required.

    After your course


    If you have arranged a transfer on departure, either your host tutor will drive you to the airport / station or we will arrange for a taxi to collect you from your host tutor’s home.

    Your feedback

    We welcome your opinions! During your course, we will email you a feedback form to complete once your course has finished. Please take a few minutes of your time to share your experiences and feedback with us.

    End of Course Report and Certificate

    During the week after you finish your course, we will email you an End of Course Report from your host tutor. The report provides you with a summary of what you studied, how much you progressed, and what you can do to keep improving your English in the future.

    We also email you a secure e-certificate which you can print or add to social media.

    Continuing your Studies

    All students can continue studying with an InTuition tutor after returning home with our online learning programme, InTuition Online Programme (IOP). As a home tuition student, you receive a 10% discount if you choose to continue your lessons online. Use the code provided in your Confirmation Letter to apply your discount.

    We are happy to provide advice on continuing your studies in the UK or other countries, should you decide that you would like to return for a further English language course or university studies. Please contact the Director at with any queries.

    Policies and Terms & Conditions

    Our policies can be found on our website, at

    For full terms and conditions of InTuition Languages Home Tuition programmes, please visit