My week as an InTuition Languages host tutor

My name is Andrew, and my wife, Trish, is equally enthusiastic about welcoming guests into our home. We believe in creating a nurturing and immersive experience for our students, fostering a supportive environment for language improvement. With the arrival of Peter, we were excited to embark on this new language learning journey together. Here is a brief outline of our experience hosting and teaching a Swiss student, Peter, earlier this year.

Sunday: Peter arrived in the afternoon and settled into the spare room I had prepared for him. We had a warm introduction, and I showed him around the house, explaining where everything was located. We chatted briefly about his journey and made plans for the week ahead. I could sense a mixture of excitement and nervousness in him, but I assured him that we would work together to improve his English skills. In the evening, we had a relaxed dinner and discussed his goals and expectations for the homestay program.

Monday: Today marked the official start of Peter’s English learning journey. We began with our first lesson after breakfast, focusing on his conversational skills and boosting his confidence. I encouraged him to speak freely and ask questions whenever he felt unsure. Throughout the day, we covered various topics, including his engineering business, his hobbies, and his experiences in Switzerland. I noticed that Peter had a good foundation, but he lacked fluency and struggled with some pronunciation. We worked on specific areas for improvement, and he eagerly absorbed the lessons.

Tuesday: For today’s excursion, we decided to explore the charming town of Bournemouth. We visited local landmarks, such as the pier and the gardens, and engaged in conversations with the locals. Peter had the opportunity to practice his English in real-life situations, ordering food at a local café and asking for directions. It was a rewarding experience for him, and he seemed more at ease communicating with native English speakers. We discussed the excursion in the evening, reflecting on his progress and the challenges he faced.

Wednesday: Continuing our immersion activities, we embarked on a trip to the beautiful New Forest National Park. We enjoyed a leisurely hike while discussing the natural beauty surrounding us. Peter practiced describing the scenery and expressing his thoughts in English. We encountered some friendly locals along the way, giving Peter the chance to engage in conversations and put his language skills into practice. It was a delightful day, combining language learning with a touch of adventure.

Thursday: Returning to our regular lessons, we dedicated today to grammar and vocabulary. We focused on specific areas where Peter needed improvement, such as verb tenses and word usage. I provided him with exercises and explanations, allowing him to practice and reinforce his understanding. We also worked on expanding his vocabulary, introducing new words and phrases related to his professional field. Peter showed determination and a strong desire to enhance his language skills.

Friday: Today marked our final day of intensive lessons. We reviewed the topics covered throughout the week and had conversations to consolidate Peter’s learning. We discussed his progress and the areas where he had made significant improvements. I provided him with additional resources and tips for self-study, ensuring that he had tools to continue his English journey beyond the homestay program. We ended the day with a lighthearted lesson, engaging in casual conversation and sharing our favorite moments from the week.

Saturday: It was time for Peter to return to Switzerland today. We had breakfast together and exchanged heartfelt goodbyes. We reflected on the progress he had made during his stay, and he expressed his gratitude for the experience. We exchanged contact information and promised to stay in touch. I wished him well on his journey back home, feeling fulfilled as I had witnessed his growth and improvement in such a short period. I hope that the skills he acquired during our time together will benefit him both personally and professionally.

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