ELT Library 

Here is a list of recommended ELT books, some of which you might like to buy to dip into. Naturally all teachers have their own favourite books and this list is intended only to offer suggestions. It is vital to have your own grammar books and a dictionary available. 

Teacher Support Materials 

1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy (Longman) A. Wright  

One to One (LTP) P. Wilberg 

Teaching One To One (Longman) T. Murphey 


Games for Grammar Practice (CUP) Zaorob/Chin Elementary to Advanced 

Grammar Activities 1 & 2 (Heinemann) Forsyth/Lavender Intermediate & Upper Int. 

Grammar Games (CUP) M. Rinvolucri Elementary to Advanced 

Grammar With Laughter (LTP) G.Woolard Intermediate 

How English Works (OUP) Swan/Walter Intermediate to Advanced 

Instant Grammar Lessons (LTP) A. Battersby Intermediate 

More Grammar Games (CUP) Rinvolucri/Davis Elementary to Advanced 

Oxford Practice Grammar (OUP) J. Eastwood To Upper Intermediate 

Play Games With English Teacher’s Resource Pack (Heinemann) C. Granger Beginners to Int. 

Practical English Usage (OUP) M. Swan Essential Grammar Reference 

Teaching Tenses (Longman) R. Aitken Teacher Ideas Book 


Business English Course Books 

Business One:One (OUP) Appleby et al Pre Intermediate to Advanced 

International Express Pre-Intermediate (OUP) L. Taylor 

International Express Intermediate (OUP) L. Taylor 

International Express Upper Intermediate (OUP) A. Wallwork 

Business Objectives (OUP) V. Hollett Pre-Intermediate 

Business Opportunities (OUP) V. Hollett Intermediate 

Business Options (OUP) A. Wallwork Upper Intermediate 

Business Matters (LTP) M. Powell Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Effective Presentations (OUP) Book +cassette Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Effective Socialising (OUP) Book +cassette Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Effective Telephoning (OUP) Book +cassette Intermediate / Upper Int. 

In at the Deep End (OUP) V. Hollett                 Intermediate to Advanced 

In Company (Macmillan) M Powell Pre-Intermediate and Int. 

Market Leader (Longman) Cotton et al Intermediate & Upper Int. 

New International Business English (CUP) L. Jones Upper Intermediate 

Presenting in English (LTP) M. Powell Intermediate/Upper Int. 

The Working Week (LTP) Watson-Delestree/Hill Intermediate 

Business English Handbook (Macmillan) P. Emmerson Advanced 


Business English Materials 

Business Objectives Pairwork (OUP) Bradley/Clark Pre-Intermediate 

Build Your Business Grammar (LTP) T. Bowen Intermediate 

Build Your Business Vocabulary (LTP) J. Flower Intermediate 

Business Builder Intermediate Modules 1-9 (Macmillan) P. Emmerson Intermediate 

Business English Recipes (Longman) Irigoin/Tsai Teacher Resource Book 

Business Vocabulary in Use (CUP) Mascull) Advanced 

Check Your Vocabulary for Banking and Finance L Greasby Upper Int./Advanced 

Check Your Vocabulary for Business (Peter Collin) D. Riley Upper Int./Advanced 

Check Your Vocabulary for Computing (Peter Collin) D. Riley Upper Int./Advanced 

Longman Business English Dictionary (Longman) 

Telephoning in English CD ROM (CUP) Naterop/Revell Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Test Your Business English: Finance (Penguin) S. Sweeney Intermediate 

Test Your Business English: Marketing (Penguin) S. Sweeney Intermediate 


Teenagers Course Books 

Activate (Pearson) Barroclough C et al A2 – B2 

Interactive (CUP) J Budden, H Hadkins, S Lewis A1 – B2 

Matrix (OUP) 2nd ed.Guide K, Wildman J, Duckworth M Foundation – Upper Int  

New Cutting Edge (Pearson) Cunningham S, Moor P Elementary – Upper Int 

Pairwork & Groupwork (CUP) Levy M, Murgatroyd N Photocopy resources 

Snapshot (Pearson) Abbs B, Barker C Elementary - Intermediate  



Advanced Communication Games (Longman) J. Hadfield) Advanced 

Beginners’ Communication Games (Longman) J Hadfield Beginners 

Conversation Gambits (LTP) Keller/Warner Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Elementary Communication Games (Longman) J. Hadfield Elementary 

Intermediate Communication Games (Longman) J. Hadfield) Intermediate 

Keep Talking (CUP) F. Klippel All Levels 

Pair Work 1 (Penguin) P. Watcyn-Jones Elementary / Pre-Int. 

Pair Work 2 (Penguin) P. Watcyn-Jones Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Reading and Speaking Advanced (Heinemann) W. Forsyth Advanced 

Talking in Pairs Pre-Intermediate (OUP) Bastow/Jones Pre-Intermediate 

Talking in Pairs Intermediate (OUP) Bastow/Jones Intermediate 



Dictation (CUP) Davis/Rinvolucri All Levels 

Elementary Task Listening (CUP) J. St. Clair Stokes Elementary 

Everyday Listening and Speaking Pre-Intermediate (OUP) Moor/Cunningham Pre-Int. 

Everyday Listening and Speaking Intermediate (OUP) Moor/Cunningham Intermediate 

Task Listening (CUP) Blundell/Stokes Intermediate 

The Listening File (Longman) Harmer/Elsworth Upper Int. / Advanced 





A Way with Words Resource Pack 1 & 2 Redman/Ellis Pre-Int. & Upper Int. 

Advanced Vocabulary and Idiom (Edward Arnold) B. Thomas Advanced 

Elementary Vocabulary (Edward Arnold) B. Thomas Elementary 

Elementary Vocabulary Games (Longman) J. Hadfield Elementary 

English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Int./Intermediate S. Redman Pre-Int. / Int. 

English Vocabulary in Use Upper Int./Advanced McCarthy/O’Dell Upper Int. / Adv. 

English Vocabulary Organiser (LTP) C. Gough Int. / Upper Intermediate 

Intermediate Vocabulary (Edward Arnold) B. Thomas Intermediate 

Intermediate Vocabulary Games (Longman) J. Hadfield Intermediate 

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms: Advanced (OUP) G. Workman Advanced 

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms: Upper Intermediate G. Workman Upper Int. 

Test Your Vocabulary Books 1-5 P. Watcyn-Jones Beginners to Advanced 


Dictionaries for Learners 

Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary plus CD-ROM (CUP) 

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary (OUP) 

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary on CD ROM (OUP) 



Practise Advanced Writing (Longman) M. Stephens Advanced 

Practise Writing (Longman) M. Stephens Upper Intermediate 

Writing Books 1-4 (CUP) A. Littlejohn Elementary to Advanced 

Writing for Advanced Learners of English (CUP) F. Grellet Advanced 

Writing Games (Longman) C. & J. Hadfield Pre-Int. to Advanced 



English Aloud 1 & 2 (Heinemann) B. Haycraft Elementary & Intermediate 

English Pronunciation in Use (CUP) Hancock/Donna                 Intermediate and Advanced 

Headway Pronunciation (OUP) Cunningham et al                 Elementary, Pre-Int., Intermed and Upper-Int. 

Pronunciation Games (CUP) M. Hancock All Levels 

Ship or Sheep (CUP) A. Baker Intermediate / Upper Int. 

Tree or Three (CUP) A. Baker Beginners to Pre-Int. 


CD-ROM material 

FCE Easy: Use of English (IBI Multimedia) Upper Intermediate 

FCE: The Grammar ROM (Longman) Upper Intermediate 

Focus on Grammar CD ROM (Longman) Beginners to Advanced 

Oxford Interactive CD-ROM Wordpower FCE English in Use (OUP) Int / Upper Int. 

Tense Buster (Clarity Software) Elementary to Advanced 

The First Certificate Creative Writing Disc (CUP) Intermediate / Upper Int. 

The Grammar ROM (Longman) Intermediate 


Course Books 

Clockwise (OUP) Elementary 

Language to Go (Longman) Elementary 

New Cutting Edge (Longman) Elementary 

Clockwise (OUP) Lower Intermediate 

Language to Go (Longman) Lower Intermediate 

New Cutting Edge (Longman) Lower Intermediate 

Clockwise (OUP) Intermediate 

Language to Go (Longman) Intermediate 

New Cutting Edge (Longman) Intermediate 

Clockwise (OUP) Upper intermediate 

Language to Go (Longman) Upper intermediate 

New Cutting Edge (Longman) Upper intermediate 

Clockwise (OUP) Advanced 

New Cutting Edge (Longman) Advanced 




Common Mistakes at PET (CUP) PET 

New First Certificate Gold Coursebook (Longman) First Certificate 

New First Certificate Gold Exam Maximiser (Longman) First Certificate 

Revised First Certificate Organiser (Heinle) First Certificate 

Practice Tests for FCE (Longman) First Certificate 

Cambridge FCE Test Papers 4 (CUP) First Certificate 

Common Mistakes at First Certificate (CUP) First Certificate 

Check your Vocabulary for FCE (Macmillan) First Certificate 

Revised Advanced Masterclass (OUP) CAE 

Cambridge CAE Test Papers 4 (CUP) CAE 

Common Mistakes at CAE (CUP) CAE 

New Proficiency Gold CB (Longman) Proficiency 

New Proficiency Testbuilder (Macmillan) Proficiency 

CPE Practice Tests Plus (Longman) Proficiency 

Cambridge Proficiency Examination Papers 5 (CUP) Proficiency 

Common Mistakes at Proficiency (CUP) Proficiency 

BEC Testbuilder Preliminary (Macmillan) BEC Preliminary 

BEC Vantage Practice Tests (OUP) BEC Vantage 

BEC Vantage Testbuilder (Macmillan) BEC Vantage 

BEC Higher Practice Tests (OUP) BEC Higher 

BEC Higher Practice Tests (CUP) BEC Higher 

Insights into IELTS (CUP) IELTS 

IELTS Speaking Preparation & Practice (OUP) IELTS 

Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 (CUP) IELTS 

Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 2 (CUP) IELTS 

Check your Vocabulary for IELTS (Macmillan) IELTS 

Focus on IELTS (Pearson) IELTS 

Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS (Pearson) IELTS 

IELTS Testbuilder (Macmillan) IELTS 

Preparation for the TOEIC Test (Longman) TOEIC 

Oxford Practice TOEIC Tests TOEIC 

GMAT 2003 Edition (Kaplan) GMAT 

How to prepare for the GMAT (Barron’s) GMAT 


For a comprehensive list of all ELT materials, visit the Bournemouth English Book Centre web site www.bebc.co.uk