A unique online programme for students aged 10 - 18
Building critical thinking and teamwork skills through the inspiration of English language and literature
Developing students' confidence, creativity and autonomy, preparing them for successful study overseas

Unleashing creative potential.

Young people are growing up in an increasingly complex and global world. Developing their English is important, but if they can understand and articulate their opinions and ideas they will thrive. Those who can communicate successfully and are able to work at a global level through times of change and uncertainty will be in great demand.

Our students and their parents know that competition is now global. By developing these skills in English, we can provide relevant and dynamic classes that appeal to a wider market and help make our curriculum more unique and engaging.

Reading for success.

Reading develops young people's Higher Order Thinking Skills - the tools they will need to succeed in a globalised world.

  • Language – lexis, discourse and grammar
  • Empathy (from reading fiction)
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Autonomy
  • Strong writing skills
  • Consequential thinking
  • Resilience
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Personal connection to texts

How it works.

Each Reading for Success course is based around a book. We provide a free assessment to make sure each student starts at a suitable level, with suitable literature.

Students read the book between classes, a few chapters at a time, under the supervision of their tutor.

During class time, the tutor leads students in analysing and discussing the relevant chapters.

At end of each book, students present their analysis on themes arising, for their tutor and classmates to critique.

Reading for Success Books


Harry Potter series

J.K. Rowling

From The Philosopher's Stone to The Deathly Hallows,  our Harry Potter Series covers the story of the famous boy wizard from start to finish.

Ages: 10+

English level required: B1+

Number of Sessions: 12 ~ 15 per Book, plus Project Session

Pricing: from £228.00 per Book


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl

The timeless Roald Dahl classic is given a new twist with our unique Reading for Success programme.

Ages: 8+

English level required: A2+

Number of sessions: 13 plus Project Session

Pricing: from £263.00 

What's in a Book?

Each Book is broken into 45-minute Sessions. Two of these sessions represent one Lesson. After every two lessons, the tutor provides a Progress Assessment, outlining how the student has developed so far. The final Session of each Book is the Project Session, where students present what they have learned and discuss this with their tutor and classmates. Once the Book is completed, the tutor provides a full End of Course Assessment and students are issued with a Certificate of Achievement.

Demonstration Session

(30 minutes)

One of our highly-qualified tutors will provide a free 30-minute Demonstration Session, introducing the Reading for Success programme and assessing which Book will best suit each student.

Lesson 1

Session 1

(45 minutes)

Each lesson covers up to three chapters of the Book. Students are expected to read these chapters before the lesson starts. Over each session, the tutor guides the student through a series of questions to stimulate discussion, debate and analysis.

The number of Lessons and Sessions in a Book depends on the length of the Book: see the information provided for each Book for more details.

Session 2

(45 minutes)

Lesson 2

Session 1

(45 minutes)

Session 2

(45 minutes)

Progress Assessment

After every two lessons, the tutor completes a Progress Assessment, outlining what has been studied so far and what the student has achieved.

Progress assessments focus on core objectives:

To inspire a love of the language, literature and  culture and prepare students to continue studying autonomously as well as get them ready to study successfully overseas.

Students are not graded. Instead, they are provided with an outline of particular achievements and suggestions for improvement.

Project Session

The final Session for each Book is the Project Session. Students present their analysis of a theme provided in the Book, and debate their conclusions with their classmates (for group courses) and their tutor. Parents are invited to attend the Project Session.

End of Book Assessment

At the end of each Book, tutors provide an in-depth Assessment of the student’s progress and how well they have achieved the course’s core objectives. Key achievements and suggestions for improvement are included. Students are also issued a Certificate of Achievement.

Our Tutors

Meet the qualified and experienced tutors who guide students through their Reading For Success course.


Steve lives in Cambridge, a beautiful old city in the south of England. It’s famous for being full of magnificent and mysterious buildings many of which look very much like a certain Hogwarts, or so I’m told…

Steve has been teaching with Intuition for just over a year and has taught students from all over the word, he loves to teach younger people and makes sure that all his lessons are fun, interesting and challenging. He has a lively personality and a curious mind, two qualities that are just as useful to have as a teacher or….for example…. a young wizard.


Tanya is from London, England and has been teaching English for many years. She loves being a teacher and has taught students of all ages from all over the world.

As well as this, Tanya is also a professional singer and a circus skills and aerial performer. She performs with her sister at big events around the world. It is an exciting job and can also be a little dangerous! Tanya studied English literature at University, so she has a real passion for books. The Harry Potter series has been her favourite since she was a teenager and she can’t wait to explore it with you.


Anna has been a teacher and trainer for many years and has lived and worked all over the world.  Her last home was in Singapore but now she lives in the South of the UK very close to Oxford.

Anna runs lots of courses and workshops for teenagers in the UK, and around the world, to help them get in to University and get the job they want.  She loves learning about different cultures and enjoys hearing her students’ stories from different countries.

Among her adventures she’s been a paid statue, climbed a mountain, taught a member of the royal family and ridden a camel (very badly).

Oxford was very important in filming Harry Potter and she looks forward to sharing some fun facts and guiding you through the series.


Alexa is from the North of England from a little city called Preston in Lancashire.  Not many people know of Preston, but they don’t need to because there’s nothing there! But if you are curious it’s very close to Manchester.

Alexa has been an English teacher for many years and has taught in all sorts of places, such as Spain, Ireland, Wales and England.  She loves teaching English, especially to people of your age, who have a great imagination and plenty to say!

An interesting fact about Alexa is that when she was younger, she used to go to circus school!  Therefore, in her free time, you might find her juggling or playing with a diabolo! Don’t know what a diabolo is.., well you will have to look it up!  Apart from acting a clown, she also likes going to the gym, running, reading and socialising.

She looks forward to meeting you in the magical and enchanted world of Hogwarts.

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The week went very well. The pace of work is perfect. Marc is a very attentive host and teacher. To recommend without problem.
Response from the owner: Thank you Arnaud, we are delighted that you enjoyed your homestay language immersion course with our tutor Marc in London.
It was a wonderful experience. I was very well received and learned a lot.I really enjoyed the experience and I intend to repeat it in another linguagem
Response from the owner: Thank you very much, Silmary. We look forward to welcoming you again in the future!
I spent a week with Mary and Ken. I really appreciate their kindness and patience. In addition to the English lessons that I had with Mary, I learned a lot about the culture, history and way of life of the British people. It was a week full of learning. Thanks to Mary and Ken. 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you very much, Shabnam. We are delighted that you enjoyed your course with Mary and Ken!
Wonderful team and wonderful teachers!
Une semaine en immersion en Irlande qui restera une expérience inoubliable.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted that you enjoyed your English immersion course in Ireland.
- que mon professeur m'ait accompagnée aux activités tous les après-midis- les cadeaux qu'elle m'a offerts avant mon retour sur Paris- l'en-cas qu'elle a préparé pour mon déjeuner du samedi (jour de mon départ).Je recommande vivement les immersions à Londres d' Intuition Languages!
Response from the owner: Thank you Karine, we are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your InTuition homestay immersion course in Edinburgh.
Die 1to1 home stay immersion Kurse sind eine wunderbare Art, ineiner Fremdsprache weiterzukommen. Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit mit Jonathan Day in Dawlish / Torquai!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Ursula. We are delighted that you enjoyed your course with our tutor, Jonathan!