• Host Tutor Code of Conduct

    Version: February 2022

    All InTuition Languages host tutor are required to abide by the following Code of Conduct.


    • To host and teach students in line with all guidance, rules and requirements set out in the Host Tutor Manual and (if applicable) the Young Learner Host Tutor Manual.
    • Throughout each course, to adhere to all contractual and commercial obligations as set out in the Host Tutor Contract for Services.


    All host tutors

    • To comply with any compliance and academic management requests in a timely manner, in recognition that delayed reply can result in the school not being able to place students with you.

    If hosting Young Learner students (all under 18s)

    • To follow and implement all aspects of the Safeguarding Policy.
    • To complete any safeguarding training as directed by the school (Safeguarding Awareness, Prevent, E-Safety, etc).


    • To follow all requirements and guidelines regarding the hosting of students, as set out in the Host Tutor Manual, providing accommodation which is clean, warm, welcoming, and conducive to effective language study
    • To not host another student / guest at the same time as an InTuition student, except by special agreement
    • To not host more than four students / guests at any one time (including any InTuition student)
    • To inform the school of any changes to the household, such as new or temporary residents (paying or non-paying) or the departure of family members or other long-term resident.
    • To ensure that I am appropriately insured for the provision of accommodation to paying guests, including public liability cover.

    Student Welfare

    • To show due concern for the welfare, safety and security of all students.
    • To maintain a close relationship with the school to be in a position to help resolve any problems the student may encounter during their stay.
    • To respect students’ cultural and religious backgrounds and display sensitivity to their needs.
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