Emergency Policy

What is an Emergency?

  • An incident where a student / teacher has:
    • Suffered a life-threatening injury or fatality
    • Is at serious risk of the above
    • Has gone missing for a significant, unacceptable period of time, especially is this is related to the above
  • An incident that is beyond the normal coping mechanisms of a teacher during an excursion or activity
  • In a home tuition context, an emergency may occur at your home or during an excursion or activity you are undertaking with your student

What to do in Case of an Emergency:

  1. Always ensure your personal safety and security first
  2. Make sure all members of your group are accounted for, safe, and know what to do to remain safe
  3. If in the midst of a terrorist attack, the aim is to preserve lives. Ensure students are familiar with the ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ approach: get away from danger, try to find a safe place, and call the emergency services
  4. Assess the situation: exactly what has happened and what is the extent of the problem?
  5. Communicate:
    1. Call the InTuition Languages emergency number: +44 207 033 2390
    2. Give your name and your student’s name(s)
    3. Outline where you are and the nature of the emergency
    4. Advise if the emergency services are present / have been called and provide any further relevant information
    5. Advise what your next steps will be, if known
    6. Continue to communicate using the above phone numbers as you leave the area affected by the emergency