Carbon Negative Policy

January 2021


We believe that every company must take responsibility for its carbon footprint.

From 2021 onwards, we are therefore committing to being carbon negative. This means that we will more than offset the carbon emissions which we produce.

How we will offset our emissions

InTuition produces emissions both through our head office operations and when students study with us.

To offset our head office emissions, we will:

  • Ensure that all travel activities are recorded and emissions are offset
  • Ensure that office utilities are provided from 100% renewable sources
  • Continue to reduce paper usage and postage

Carbon Negative Charge

In conjuction with our corporate partners at Clearwe have calculated the average cost of positively offsetting (i.e. reducing to less than zero) the carbon generated by an InTuition home tuition course. This includes:

  • Travel to and from the tutor's home (including transfers)
  • Energy usage during the course
  • Energy usage during excursions and activities
  • Implementing a Carbon Negative Charge for all home tuition courses.

For 2021, this charge is £12 / €14 / $20 per booking.

This charge will be automatically added to all home tuition bookings. Clients may choose to remove the charge when confirming their booking.