Online Tutor Manual


With InTuition Online Programme (IOP), we aim to build on our reputation for quality, personalised 1:1 courses with a comprehensive and fully-integrated online offering.

IOP programmes are available both as standalone courses and as add-ons for Home Tuition courses. In addition, from January 2021 onwards, all Home Tuition courses will include a 30-minute Meet Your Tutor online session to help you to get to know your students and begin planning their programme of study before they arrive at your home.

Getting Started

When tutoring online, creating a suitable classroom environment is as important as for face-to-face tuition. Consider whether:

  1. Your computer is set up in a quiet location, free from distractions, and with a suitably neutral background behind you.
  2. Your internet connection is stable and reliable.
  3. Your webcam is functioning correctly.
  4. You have all the materials you are likely to require close to hand.
  5. You are dressed appropriately - the same as you would be for a face-to-face session.

Trial Lessons

Standalone IOP courses include a free (to the student) 30 minute Trial Lesson. This trial lesson should be considered your 'shop window' - it is your opportunity to introduce yourself, your skills and your knowledge to a prospective client. Given the short timeframe, most Trial Lessons do not involve any teaching per se: instead, prepare a list of questions to ask the student regarding their background, motivations, objectives and so on. Based on their responses, outline what a full course of study with you would be like, and how you would help to them achieve what they want to achieve.

When we arrange a Trial Lesson with you, we provide a bespoke Zoom link and password. These are to be used only for the Trial Lesson. After the course proper is confirmed, you should send the student your own Zoom link and password (or, if you prefer, make arrangements for the lessons to take place on Skype or another platform). The Zoom link provided for the Trial Lesson will no longer work.

Course Types

We market two different IOP courses: General Language and Language for Specific Purposes (or ESP). ESP covers all other course types which you may be familiar with from Home Tuition bookings: Exam Preparation, Business, Professional and Academic Language requirements. You will be advised of the student's requirements during the booking process.

Lesson Blocks and Scheduling

Unlike for home tuition courses, we do not sell IOP courses with a specific duration in weeks. Instead, a student chooses how many hours of tuition to buy (a 'block' of lessons), with a minimum purchase of five hours. When we confirm a booking with you, the total number of hours is clearly indicated. It is generally up to you and the student to determine a mutually convenient schedule for the delivery of the booked hours, although in some cases this is arranged at the Trial Lesson stage. After each block is completed, we encourage the student to purchase an additional block with you.

Course Paperwork

As per British Council regulations, we require a record of each lesson to be completed and retained. We provide a Session Record template for this purpose. After each five hours of the course, you should upload your completed Session Record through the IOP Portal (see below for more information). For those students in receipt of government or corporate funding, additional attendance sheets may also be required. We will advise you of this when booking a course.


As each IOP course progresses at a different rate, we ask that you keep us informed of your progress. This allows us to pay you while the course is ongoing, rather than waiting until the end. After every five hours of tuition has been delivered, complete a Claims Form and upload your completed Session Record for those lessons. Your Claims Form will automatically create a payment, to be processed the Friday following receipt, and you will receive an email confirming the amount you have claimed and the amount outstanding for the rest of the course.